22 Best Camera Apps For Android 2018

Best Free Camera Apps – All smartphones come with a pre-installed camera application. However, the default camera doesn’t always help you to obtain the best kind of pictures. Thankfully, there are a lot of camera applications in the Play Store which carries the ultimate photography features and gives to give you the shots you desire. So, we have hand-picked a list of ten best Android camera apps that are available for free in the Play Store.

The Below Android camera apps can be used for a variety of purposes and to get the most out of the camera capabilities of your Android smartphone. Whether it’s to enhance selfies, give you manual controls, the addition of special effects or more, any of these apps offer a wealth of features to use and will help you to become more creative.

6 Best apps for Android – Free Camera Apps (Video)

22 Best Android Camera Apps

When there are so many third-party camera apps to use it would be a shame not to take advantage of them, especially when they’re free!

Camera MX

Camera MX is a full-featured camera app that offers plenty of options for taking pictures. It gives you complete control of resolution and provides clear visuals that ensure sharp images. With Camera MX you can create animated photos and videos and add tons of effects, filters, frames, etc. for creative image editing.Free Camera apps-2

Candy Camera

Candy camera is another excellent camera application which aids in taking better selfies. It comes with a bunch of filters and beauty functions that includes makeup tools, face slimming effects, stickers, etc.

You can also take silent selfies and snapshots, and make a collage of multiple photos. It is not the desired app for a serious photographer.Free Camera apps-3


With over 100million downloads, Cymera is a perfect camera app for Android users which is available for free in the Play Store. It amazes its users with seven different types of fascinating camera lenses, camera stabilizer, timer, and a silent mode that enables you to shoot any picture quietly.

Cymera is highly-featured and includes everything that a user might look for, such as multiple filters, photo editing tools, body reshaping, smart gallery, etc.Free Camera apps-4

Camera ZOOM FX

Camera ZOOM FX is another feature rich Android camera app. You can do a lot with this application: action shots, stable shots, photo filters, photo composition, and more. It provides you with full manual DSLR controls, RAW capture, enables you to set ISO, focus distance, shutter speed, combine shooting modes, etc.Free Camera apps-5

Z Camera

Z Camera is an elegant camera application that comes with a large number of filters and editing tools. It accommodates a simple interface which is easy to handle with just a few swipes with your fingers. The app enables you to preview filter effects before taking any pictures or shooting a video. Other significant features of the app include a photo editor, HDR, beauty selfie, private gallery, tilt-shift mode, etc. Check out this one of best free camera appsFree Camera apps-6

A Better Camera

A Better Camera is an all-purpose camera tool to create high-quality photos. It integrates all the advanced camera functions such as HDR, HD panorama, multishot, and night camera in a single application. The app features a ‘Best Shot’ mode where it automatically identifies the best shot photo after taking a series of pictures. It packs a lot of advanced, unique features that photo enthusiasts will prefer. A Better Camera is free with some in-app purchases.Free Camera apps-7


Camera360 is free and one of the best camera apps for Android which allows you to take photos like a pro. The app boasts its wide variety of “Cams” that comes with dozens of unique effects of every kind. You can also integrate the effects directly into the pictures while you capture it. However, the app is not very intuitive compared to other camera apps. You might find it difficult to navigate at first but, once you properly explore it and all its features you can take some fantastic, professional-looking photos easily. Other features include motion stickers, in-app photo gallery, exquisite filters, photo editor, etc.Free Camera apps-8

GIf Camera

GIF Camera is included on Android Authority’s list of best cameras, due, in part, to the popularity and “hilarity” of GIFs on the Web. With this app, you can create GIFs of any of your smartphone photos, whether you take it with the GIF Camera or not. The app automatically saves your creations in an album for easy access. Once you create a GIF, you can adjust its speed (frame rate) and even reverse it, if you wish. Should you need inspiration, tap “Funny Gifs” which shows those created by other users. For some reason, the GIFs show up super tiny, though, which is a bummer.Free Camera apps-9

Google Camera

Google Camera premiered in 2014 as a standalone app; previously it was available only to Nexus users, where it was pre-installed. Non-Nexus Android smartphones typically come with an app created by the hardware manufacturer, such as Samsung. The Google Camera offers a bunch of features including a panorama mode and 360 degree panorama feature called Photo Sphere, in which you can capture everything around you–up, down, and side-to-side. It also has a feature called Lens Blur, which gives you the effect of an in-focus foreground and out-of-focus background.Free Camera apps-10

FOCAL (BETA) – Free Camera Apps

Straight from the popular android custom rom Cyanogenmod, Focal made its way to android market. The cam app still in beta but shows how android camera should be designed. Focal offers the most possible features one can expect from a smartphone camera app. The Holo inspired UI design is very simple and tweaking various settings before taking photos gets a lot easier quickly.Free Camera apps-11


This is another good choice and in particular it’s one of the best camera apps to get background blur. All you need to do is select the focus area to obtain a DSLR-style background blurred image, and motion blur effect is also offered. AfterFocus makes it easy to select a precise focus area by simply drawing lines around the area that you want. You can also take your pick from different filters such as Cross Process and Bokeh effects. Your impressive results can then be shared through SNS as well as emails.Free Camera apps-12


This app will help you to create striking time-lapse videos and hyper-lapse videos and it has an appealing and intuitive interface. You can set a video duration so that it automatically stops recording at a certain point, and it offers various zoom and autofocus options, frame interval for adjusting speed, front and rear camera support, and instant playback with no rendering time. Further features offer color effects, white balance, a self-timer, exposure compensation, dynamic preview size, video frame rate, and a storage directory, and you’ll also get output video in high-quality mp4 format.Free Camera apps-13

Open Camera

Open Camera is almost the perfect complement to Android as both are open-source. Unlike many other free apps, it’s really free; no in-app purchases or ads to worry about. It also offers a ton of features, such as image stabilization, GPS tagging, a timer, and more. You can also configure the app for right-or left-handed users. Some of Open Camera’s features are not compatible with all Android smartphones, depending on the device’s hardware and OS version. Its open source one of best free camera apps.Free Camera apps-14

Camera FV-5 is one of many camera apps for manual camera fans. It emulates various DSLR features. That includes manual shutter speed, ISO, light metering, focus, white balance, and more. It also supports JPEG, DNG (RAW), and PNG file formats. There is support for 30 langauges as well. There are a ton of features. However, it does a good job of not feeling bloated. It even has support for volume key usage.Free Camera apps-15
Footej Camera is one of the newer camera apps. It has a good mix of mainstream and serious photography features. It uses Android’s Camera2 API. That means it has a full assortment of manual controls. It can also shoot video, make GIFs, a photo histogram, and burst mode. It also supports RAW format as long as your device does.Free Camera apps-14
Google Cardboard Camera is a camera app for Google Cardboard. It allows you to take and view VR images. You’ll be able to take 360-degree photos. It’s similar to panorama shots, except it goes all the way around. You’ll need a Google Cardboard to get best results. Thankfully, they’re cheap and easily accessible. The app itself is also free with no in-app purchases. It’s a niche product to be sure. It’s also the easiest way to take those types of photos.
Free Camera apps-15

Manual Camera is exactly what the name implies. It’s a camera with a bunch of manual settings. It attempts to take full advantage of the Camera2 API. That means you get access to shutter speed, focus distance, ISO, white balance, and exposure compensation. It also has a timer and support for RAW. Your device needs support for RAW as well in order to use that feature. It’s incredibly simple to use. Free Camera apps-16

Motion Stills is one of the newer camera apps. It’s also an extremely niche app. Its main function is recording short bits of video. It can turn that video into a GIF or it can stay a video for later viewing. It also has a fast forward option for super quick videos. It’s not useful for taking photos. However, it’s about the only app that does what this one does. It can’t hurt to have it in your repertoire. It’s completely free to download and use.Free Camera apps-17

Snap Camera HDR is a good between for serious and amateur photographer types. There is support for manual camera controls, 4K video recording, RAW support, HDR, and file size options. It also includes fun shooting modes, effects, borders, color effects, and vignettes. There are camera apps that do manual controls a little better and apps that do fun filters and such a little better. It’s rare to find an app that does both as well as this one.Free Camera apps-18

VSCO is a popular and somewhat powerful camera app and photo editor combo. The camera side is a little simple and not as powerful as your native phone camera app or some others here. However, the photo editor side is among the best in all of mobile. It has a variety of filters, effects, and settings. Additionally, it has most of these same videos for video content as well. Free Camera apps-19


Pixlr has come a long way since it was a standalone image editor, and while it doesn’t quiteoffer the same granular level of control as Manual Camera, it’s an excellent choice if you need a good balance of tools alongside a set of really useful and impressive visual effects. There’s even a perfectly functional gallery built in too that lets you show file size alongside the thumbnails. it is indeed one of top ten free Camera appsFree Camera apps-20


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