Seeing the increasing malware attacks, computer users are more careful and watchful about their computer systems, their files/folders, and software.

Any unknown file in the PC creates worries and Vulcan Run Time Libraries is one of such entry with most Windows users will see in their Control Panel or Settings.

People are freaking out and reporting this like

I noticed an entry in my Programs & Features that I did not intentionally invite. The install date is the same day as the latest Microsoft Visual C+, and the same day as the last NVidia driver updates, March 12th – 2016. The program is titled “Vulcan Run Time Libraries” and is published by “LunarG, Inc.”  Does anyone know what is its’ purpose, how it would have managed to get on my PC, and is it a security issue?

Many users have seen it appear in their list of programs on PC and they have no clue about what it is about. In this post, we will learn about what these Vulcan Runtime Libraries files are and see if they are harmful or not?

Vulcan Runtime Libraries installs on your PC without any permission and notification.

Some users have reported to have seen Vulkan Run Time Libraries on the PC without them knowing it. And quite some worry a lot about it, just like you.

It is usual the case that unknown programs and apps installed without informing you beforehand are very likely to be malware or something related to security issue.

Vulkan Run Time Libraries is no virus and you are well off just leave it where it is.

Why does it get flagged as a threat?

Sometimes, your Windows defender or your Anti-virus might flag Vulkan as threat but that is a false positive. Just like many other programs that gets flagged by your Anti-virus despite them being completely safe, Vulkan is also safe to keep.

What are Vulkan runtime libraries:

Vulkan is a graphics API much like OpenGL and DirectX. it may be required eventually in new games or in graphical applications.

It is new enough that there would be very few  games that required it at this time

I’m pretty sure this showed up after the latest “Steam” update. It is not specific to NVidia, but rather to 3D API technology.

To put it simply, it is used for a better 3D performance in gaming and it comes with video card drivers. That’s why you will have it even with an AMD card.

Nvidia installs this program automatically on your PC when you update your video driver.

While not all the games use it, some of the very popular games like Dota 2, Talos Principle, Star Citizen, CryEngine, and Unity etc require it.

So if you are not using any of these games, you can remove it from your PC without leaving any effect on performance.

What are Vulkan Runtime libraries for:

To explain in more details, Vulkan Run Time Libraries, also known as Vulkan Runtime Libraries or VulkanRT, is installed by display card manufacturers such as NVIDIA, Intel or AMD the last time you updated your video driver.

It is not a malware or virus, instead, it is a 3D graphics and compute API by Khronos Group.


Vulkan Run Time Libraries aims to provide lower overhead, more direct control over the GPU and lower CPU usage. You can compare it to Direct3D and Mantle if it helps with the understanding. Some mentioned that it might be required eventually in new games (such as Steam) or graphical applications.

Now you know more about Vulkan Run Time Libraries listed in your Programs and Features window, you should know that there is nothing for you to worry about. Feel free to use your updated graphic card as usual.

Should I remove it?

Since the tool gets installed on your PC without any notification, it’s obvious to get worried as it could be a malware too. After reading this post, you might want to check if your PC has this installed.

To do so, go to the Control Panel of your PC and click on Uninstall a Program. Scroll down the list of programs and see if there is a tool named Vulcan Runtime Libraries.

If you are using a Windows 10 PC, go to the Settings using Win+I and click on Apps & Features. Search for Vulcan Runtime Libraries in the search box. If the tool is installed on your PC, you will find it here.

Just keep it in mind that you won’t be able to install the tool manually again, so check again before you remove it, because some of your PC games might not run properly without Vulcan Runtime Libraries.


  1. Hold Windows key and press R
  2. Type appwiz.cpl and press Enter
  3. Now scroll down and locate a program named Vulkan Run Time Libraries

Note: In case you have removed the program from your PC and need it again to play the games, You need to install the most recent version of the graphics adapter driver which ships with Vulkan to get it back.

What to do with Vulkan Run Time Libraries? 

Just as mentioned above, there is no need for you to do anything about Vulkan Run Time Libraries. It it not a malware nor a virus, rather, it is the new graphics PAR render with a simpler, thinner driver, and efficient CPU multi-threading capabilities.

Overview of Vulkan runtime libraries:

Vulkan Run Time Libraries  is a program developed by LunarG. The software installer includes 3 files and is usually about 535.25 KB (548,100 bytes). In comparison to the total number of users, most PCs are running the OS Windows 8 as well as Windows 7 (SP1). While about 36% of users of Vulkan Run Time Libraries come from the United States, it is also popular in Germany and Italy.

Program details

Installation folder: C:Program Filesvulkanrt1.0.3.0

Uninstaller: C:Program FilesVulkanRT1.0.3.0UninstallVulkanRT.exe

Estimated size: 535.25 KB

Files installed by Vulkan Run Time Libraries

  • UninstallVulkanRT.exe – Vulkan Runtime (Vulkan Runtime Installer)
  • vulkaninfo.exe
  • vulkaninfo32.exe