(Last Updated On: January 21, 2018)

Here is the biggest list of kickasstorrents proxy and mirror sites. You can find kickasstorrents alternatives here on the go. Kickass proxy and mirror sites. Here is the complete list of kat.cr mirror and proxy sites with daily downtime checkups.

Access to kickasstorrents

Can’t access Kickass Torrents? Kickass Torrents is blocked in many countries. Try one of the torrent proxies below for full Kickass Torrents access. Kickass Torrents proxies are tested every hour for availability and sorted by speed and status.

kickasstorrents.to Online
kickass.unblocked.cat Online
kickass.unblocked.vip Online
Kickass.cd Online
kickass.unblocked.lol Offline
kickasstorrent.cr Online
kickass.unlockproj.space Offline
kickass.unlockproj.review Offline

Kickasstorrents (also known as KAT torrents) is one of the largest torrent site. Kickass torrents is a torrent meta search engine founded in 2008. It is the 2nd most popular torrent site after thepiratebay in 2014 according to TorrentFreak. Due to domain seizure possibilities they have moved from multiple domains and finally settling in .to domain. They have more than 10 million torrents and more added daily. They also provide an api to download all data from their website.

Kickass Torrent Proxy

All torrents are categorized into 9 main categories and numerous subcategories. Users can also submit requests for new torrents and achievements of users are highlighted on the

Kickasstorrents is back
Kickasstorrents is back

achievement page encouraging more participation. The website is also available in around 45 Languages making it easy for non english readers to access the content. Their .so domain is suspended so they have moved to .to TLD. Users can give new ideas or feedback on the service in a section of the website called idea box, where other users can upvote  the feature they find interesting.

Is Kickasstorrents down or blocked?

Recently it was seized by US Government officials and they have arrested the owner of the kickass torrents “Artem Vaulin”in Poland. But it does not stop the piracy and they have come back on the web with more power. Proxy and mirrors of sites are the sites or servers that are not blocked by the ISP’s or anything and they give us free access to the sites that are blocked by our isp.

Kick ass torrents come back is with a lots of mirrors and proxies. some of the proxies

Kickass means kickass
Kickass means kickass

working on the web are fake and are populating the malware according to the torrentfreak. We have collected the kickass proxies and mirrors for you and make a list of working kickass proxy list here.

Once a torrent site becomes popular, it is bound to get blocked in many countries due to internet piracy. This is happening with Kickass torrent. Even if they change domain, government/ISP block the new domain. However, the site keeps changing domain in some times so that comparatively more users can access the site due to new domain.

You can always access KAT or any other blocked sites by using proxy sites but many proxies sites are also blocked by many ISP. Also, using proxy is a bit technical task and you’ll face issues regarding website appearance, browsing speed, spammy ads, etc.

Let me browse kickasstorrents
Let me browse kickasstorrents

So, if Kickass torrent is blocked for you and you want to browse it in better way then you should browse it using Kickass Torrent mirror sites and KAT Proxy. KAT Mirrors & Proxy are specially developed mirrors/proxy to provide Kickass torrent user KAT Unblocked experience where they can browse Kickass torrent safely & without using any proxy. They are replica of main KAT domain which you can browse just like Kickass Torrent, browse its torrents, search for torrents, check seeders/leechers, view/submit comment, browse category and more.

Many webmasters have created Kickass Torrent mirrors & KAT proxy (some of them are directly from KAT staff) to ensure that people who are in need, can always access KAT site even if its domain changes or the site is banned for their IP/location. Below is the list of 50 KAT Mirrors & Kickass Torrent sites which are available to help you access Kickass torrent without using proxy. Even the main site is down, many of these KAT mirrors are still active & online to provide you KAT Unblocked experience.

kickasstorrents biggest torrent network

Kickass torrent site has a user system integrated in the site along with the user voting system. They are one of the largest torrent community on the WWW web. This is the major advantage of the site over other torrent sites. Users are also able to submit torrents over the KAT site.

Achievements of the users are highlighted on the achievement page to encourage more users engadgements. Moreover site is available in more than 45 languages making it easy for non English users to access the content. They have an API based system to provide the content.

Kat.cr alternatives are rare as Kickass Torrents has grown to one of the the most comfortable torrent site when it comes to finding content of all kinds. As the most popular file-sharing and torrent site, KAT has build a huge community and developed many helpful features that can’t be found on other torrent sites yet. Compared to The Pirate Bay, KAT served search results and torrent details in a clean and easy to navigate design.