When ever is used for emphasis after how or why, it should be written as a separate word. Thus it is correct to write how ever did you manage? rather than however did you manage? (as distinct from other uses of the adverb however, which is always written as one word). With other words such as what, where, and who, the situation is not clear-cut: both two-word and one-word forms (both what ever and whatever, and so on) are well represented, and neither is regarded as particularly more correct than the other

Effective Usage of however

However can be used in the following ways

as an adverb showing how a sentence is related to what has already been said:
Prices have been rising. It is unlikely, however, that this increase will continue.
as an adverb (before an adjective or adverb):
However hard he tried, he could not control his feelings.
(before ‘much’ or ‘many’):
However much they earn, they will never be satisfied.
(starting a question):
However did you manage to make him change his mind?
as a conjunction (joining two clauses):
You can arrange the furniture however you want.
However you look at it, it’s an enormous problem.

Definition of however and meaning

in whatever manner or way that will help however I can

archaic :although

Examples of “however” in a Sentence

Used when you are saying something that seems surprising after your previous statement, or that makes your previous statement seem less true
“The president was confident of success. His advisers were not so sure, however.”
“Diamond mining is a highly profitable industry. There are, however, certain risks involved.”
Used when you are changing the subject
“I’m delighted I could be here today. However, I didn’t come here to talk about myself.”
Used for saying that it makes no difference how good, bad, difficult etc something is or how much there is of something
“however good/well/bad/badly/hard etc: She would still love him however badly he behaved.”
“If you take money from the fund, however small the amount, you must record it in this book.”
“however much/many: We’re determined to have a wonderful holiday, however much it costs.”

“However many times you explain things, you can never get him to understand.”
“however long something takes: We are determined to solve this problem, however long it takes.”
SPOKEN used instead of ‘how’ in questions for emphasizing that you think something is surprising
“The original documents got lost.’ ‘However did that happen?”
in whatever way someone chooses
“We let the kids decorate their rooms however they want to.”
“However you look at it, this is very worrying news.”

  1. Do it however you like.

  2. I will help however I can.

  3. I’m all out of eggs; however, I can still make us a nice breakfast.
  4. The brewers, however, do like to experiment, with beers like a saison fermented with tart cherries or an amber infused with rooibos tea.
  5. Both teams were guilty, however, were failing to make the decisive final ball in the attacking third until the opening goal on 16 minutes.
  6. The mission is logistically complex, however, said officials with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  7. The Center Will Not Hold, however, is also that rarest of things: An elegy to someone who is still alive.
  8. Most of the changes in how the city is tackling lead poisoning, however, have come from Jackson’s Healthy Homes Interdepartmental initiative team, made up of Public Health, Building
  9. Raising Colorado, unlike the movie, however, is nothing to laugh about.
  10. Weingarten and DeVos, however, have had an ongoing dialogue.
  11. More than that, however, Penn State now needs close to a miracle to win the Big Ten East Division.

Synonyms of however

nonetheless notwithstanding withal yet
after all all the same anyhow be that as it may
but despite though without regard to
for all that howbeit in spite of on the other hand
per contra

Adverbs of however

Used to introduce a statement that contrasts with or seems to contradict something that has been said previously.

  1. nevertheless; yet; on the other hand; in spite of that:
    We have not yet won; however, we shall keep trying.
  2. to whatever extent or degree; no matter how:
    However much you spend, I will reimburse you.
  3. in whatever manner:
    We will allow you to travel however you please.
  4. how; how under the circumstances:
    However did you manage?

Conjunction of however

  1. in whatever way, manner, or state:
    Arrange your hours however you like.


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