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  1. `Proxy Sites and Mirrors List
  2. Best, Fast and Cheap Vpn Deals and reviews.
  3. Ethical Hacking Tutorials and pentesting articles.
  4. Gadgets Deals and reviews.
  5. Top Notch Android Hacks and Android Tutorials.
  6. Best Facebook Hacking Tutorials for Beginners.
  7. Top Whatsapp Hacking Tutorials for Beginners.
  8. Top List Kali Linux Tutorials for Beginners and Daily Updated Articles.
  9. Learn How To Hack Wifi and Test Wireless Networks.
  10. Best Hacking Tools and Tutorials on How to Use Them. 

Featured categories are down below

Ethical Hacking

We are making hacking tricks since a year now. Here, Hacking Tutorials are made only for the noobs. All the basics hacking Methods are exposed

Wifi Hacking Tutorials

Learning Wifi Hacking is easy if you do as shown in our wireless hacking tutorials. These wifi hacking tricks are made specifically for beginners

Kali Linux

Kali Linux a Hacking Operating system used by experts and also featured on Mr, Robot. Here we make Kali Linux hacking Tutorials for beginners.

Gadgets Reviews

Cheap Laptops deals and reviews. Here you can easily find cheap laptop reviews and deals. We will list down all the cheap laptops.

Android Hacks

Android is linux based operating system made for mobile devices. We create android tutorials and pubilish android hacks on web.

Vpn Reviews and Coupons

Vpn is known as virtual private network has the ability to browse web privately. We provide cheap vpn deals and coupons and free vpn guides

Facebook Hacking Tutorials

Facebook Hacking is the term used for the methods of hacking a facebook account. Facebook account hacking is not that hard

Whatsapp Hacking Tutorials

Whatsapp is social chatting network. Whatsapp hacking is easy to perform if you have a technical mind.How to hack whatsapp account

Hacking tools

You know what hacking is then you probably are thinking of the hacking tools. Hacker tools are sometime is the piece of code or a gui hacking software

Torrent Sites Proxy and Mirrors

We publish latest and working torrent sites proxies and torrent sites mirrors for torrent lovers. Torrent Database is full of torrent proxy and mirror.